Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mister T. Inflames Chinese American Relations

Mister T. has inflamed the strained political relationship between the USA and China with the following, controversial press release.

"I, Mr T, would like to say the following: If I was in space, I would refuse to look at the Great Wall of China. I'm no racist but If I was inside a speedy-ass moon-rocket, on a covert mission to the rings of Saturn or some shit, and someone pointed out the Great Wall, I would simply look in the opposite direction or wallpaper my eyes shut and wear a wolf mask over my head until I returned to Earth. Any fool who tries to make my eyes point at that gathering of Chinese bricks will get their ass smashed up good and wholesome. I would also like to state say that I am unsure at which point large hills become small mountains. My hideous past is blighted with the social faux pas of claiming to have fired big giant rockets into the sides of mountains when I have in fact only fired big giant rockets into the sides of large hills. That is all."

No-one at the Whitehouse was available for a quickie.


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