Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dennis Franz To Play Yoko Ono In Lennon Biopic

NYPD Blue star, Dennis Franz, is set to play Yoko Ono in a new biopic of John Lennon. The actor, determined not to be typecast after more than a decade of playing a bald man, feels he is perfect for the role.

Franz said, ‘I am a gentleman in the old fashioned way, and what better way for me to celebrate my gentlemanly affectations than by playing a lady who once held John Lennon’s bag.’

Lennon and the rest of the Beatles will all be played by Big Momma’s House star, Martin Lawrence. Lawrence, famous for shouting a lot in movies, will wear a different white latex suit for each Beatle. The only part of his body that won’t be covered in latex is his scrotum, which will remain African-American throughout, due to union regulations.

Franz, who was Will Smith’s body double in the Lawrence movie, Bad Boys, was not worried by this minor setback.

He said. ‘The non white-latexifaction of an African-American scrotum, is very much this gentleman’s pleasure.’

The movie, to be called ‘Arse Demon 4: The Sneaky Shoe Salesman.’ will be in theatres in the morning.


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